Thank you!! I took copious notes watching how you drew the questions out of the sellers and had them help one another. That experience will be invaluable as we guide them through the process over the coming weeks and months, and help them learn from each other. I am forever grateful for all I've learned from you over the years!

Remote Sales Workshop

Just wanted to say thank you for hosting your training sessions for our team. I appreciate the humility and personal touch you put into all advised sales approaches and while I always strive to do the same, I learned a lot that I hope to emulate in my own sales strategy. While I hope we’re not selling behind the screen for that much longer, your process certainly helps me feel more empowered – no matter what the meeting type may be!

Screen to Screen Selling Participant

Thank you so much for the incredible screen-to-screen training session. That was officially our very first external training and you have set the bar high for anything we do in the future. The content was timely, actionable and tremendously helpful.

Screen to Screen Selling Participant

Doug was an amazing instructor and I appreciated his pivot to curriculum during this time. I liked the concise and to the point presentation style which sparks engagement. Fresh look on how to connect and interact with clients and brands.

Screen to Screen Selling Participant

Definitely helped improve my virtual meeting skills - I feel better positioned to set up video meetings with clients/prospects and now know how to prepare for them and make sure everyone benefits from them. I can see myself utilizing video more in the future.

Screen to Screen Selling Participant

I liked the idea of focusing on experience management and structure/ flow when first starting a presentation. I will definitely be utilizing the tips from the presentation such as setting clear expectations for the presentation, be specific with discovery/research, and continue asking a lot of questions.

Screen to Screen Selling Participant

Want to sincerely thank you for today's screen-to-screen selling session. In the current environment these (screen-to-screen sales calls) are difficult… It was great to get your perspective.

Screen to Screen Selling Participant

It was great to engage with other teammates across the country and dive into a new selling style and skill set together! These exercises are keeping us close and moral high!

Screen to Screen Selling Participant

This was a great training, Doug has some very useful content and it provided some great thinking for how we structure. The interaction with other reps was helpful as it is always good to see how others do things.

Screen to Screen Selling Participant

I plan to incorporate immediately into decks that I am working on for screen sharing calls with brands.

Screen to Screen Selling Participant

Loved the tips in cheat sheet for attendees, keeping e-mails down to one mobile screen, phrase cloud, and 5x slide process.

Screen to Screen Selling Participant

Great tips for how to convey emotion, empathy and connection while using screen to screen.

Screen to Screen Selling Participant

Connecting with one person at a time simultaneously in a room of 65 people isn’t easy. Thank you for bringing individuals’ growth in a group atmosphere to a team that is now even more strongly bonded than ever before.

Fashion & Style Website

Well done today. At dinner everyone was talking about how great today was: relevant and enlightening were the common themes. Appreciate the dedication and focus to make it effective. (Our CEO) was impressed.

Video Technology Enabler

I appreciate the value you deliver always and look forward to continued association with you and your organization for years to come.

Enhanced Digital Solutions Provider

I wanted to let you know that one of our reps secured a $450k, 3-month deal beating out several other sites! It was an exclusive. I had her present the details of the sale at our sales meeting. At the end, she leaned over to me and said the reason she got the sale was because of the Doug Weaver training! She said that the learnings from the training were responsible for her getting in the door and making the sale! That’s some ROI from that training!

Health Content Site

Long overdue thank you fabulous training session. Our visibility and number of meetings with drivers/translators has increased significantly and we’re having much more fun (and generating more revenue opportunity) having more strategic discussions about building value. Thanks again.

Health-Oriented Advertising Network

The training resonated significantly with the participating AMs and they are excited to put it into play. Doug thanks so much for your commitment to this curriculum. It’s a game changer and will have a big impact on our organization.

Major Portal

It’s been glorious observing the team apply your method. Our art director produced 4 sheets for them to create easily and delivered during the sales meeting the very next day. We’ve been sharing success stories at the sales meeting to keep it alive. They are all trying to apply. Thank you again for being with my team. We get to create our future and your contribution enables that.

Chief Revenue Officer, Major Cross-Media & Events Company

Thank you again for creating and leading yesterday’s workshop. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The message was powerful, and I think really will help transform our sales force. I look forward to working with you and Upstream again in the future.

Major Telecom Company

While I suspect this is a common response to your training, I feel the strong need to tell you what a truly valuable experience I had. Your approach is so clear and logical, but at the same time novel. I agreed with everything you said; and personally, I always tried to sell from this place of smart, thoughtful strategy and confidence. You provided tools that will help to hone this process even further. Thank you for that.

Digital Lifestyle Publisher

Sharing big thanks for lending your expertise and challenging our team to look at our business with a fresh perspective. On behalf of my team, we felt humbled and inspired throughout the entire session today.

Fashion Director, Major Women’s Publisher

Perhaps you’ve heard from others over the past few weeks, the feedback from the training has been overwhelmingly positive. Our managers now are working w/ reps on all the follow ups including creating a social scorecard for our focus accounts and drafting our Commercial Teaching Statements in advance of our big meetings. We’ll keep you informed as success stories start to surface.

Social Marketing & Media Team

Doug did an excellent job of distilling the most critical points into easily understood and actionable takeaways, and all in a single day. I could see from the engagement and from conversations afterwards, that it was well received.

VP National Sales, Ad Tech Provider

I want to thank you for being so prepared and conducting a really useful workshop. I found it to be a day well-spent with a lot of actionable takeaways. My team thought it was energizing, especially in terms of re-thinking how we work with agencies and clients more effectively. I also thought it was a good forum for open discussion among the sales team about some of the challenges that we face organizationally.

Major Cable Network

Thank you for being so accessible and providing your insights (following the engagement.) The team continues to implement the tactics and strategy we learned from our time together in Florida. Look for more to come in the future.

Major Sports Media Group

Thank you so much for a really excellent day. The team was really engaged and very impressed with the quality of material you presented. It was also great for me as a refresher on the fundamentals of sales approach and thought process. I met with the sales directors the next morning and we discussed numerous tactics to reinforce what we learned in your session. I’m sure it will help our close rates!

Conversational Marketing Provider

Your workshop was incredibly inspiring, and the entire room was captivated with new learnings and approach to ignite our conversations with brand partners.

Fashion & Style Website

Excellent presentation last week at our Sales Conference. Thank you. I don’t want to waste any time with the focus shift toward this effective approach. This especially resonates because my role is really all developmental business direct with mid-market size advertisers.

Hyper Local Advertising Network

I found the information you presented to be extremely helpful in understanding the foundation, mechanics and vernacular of the digital landscape. It was extremely helpful for someone like yourself, who understands the linear landscape, to explain the differences between both. This certainly has equipped me with enough knowledge to both recognize and understand the key players and processes while also providing the resources for me to expand on these insights even further.

Major Cable Media Provider

What can I say? I’m overwhelmed by our day together. The team is full of positive energy; they are refreshed and revitalized. You treated the work in such a way that the importance of it was really felt … it just made everything feel solid.

SVP, Major Entertainment Media Company

The team has fully embraced the approach and they feel energized, just exactly what they needed. The first roadblock in their way is, of course, time. I’ve explained to them that the only way to free up more of their time is to stop spending so much time (or any time, for that matter) on small, often high maintenance accounts. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on our progress in securing larger, more strategic commitments from key partners.

CRM & Affiliate Marketing Solutions Provider

Quick word from me on your day with us: Fantastic! Feedback universally from everyone was so positive. You certainly gave us a lot to think about and I appreciate the perspective you shared with many members of our organization who do not experience and live the daily display sales world we know so very well.

Digital Technology Media Company

I have seen proof already that (my sellers) are starting to adjust their approach on some pieces of business (now) see a POV and some URGENCY, which is awesome.

Automotive Content Publisher & Aggregator

I just want to thank you for your training yesterday. You’re very insightful and I look forward to growing as a sales professional through the knowledge and strategies learned.

Specialty Content Web Publisher

I have been in many training days over my career, but yours was the first that combined an excellent foundation of new information with actionable sales training – thank you!

Cross Channel Media Seller

Overall, the presentation generated a lot of good dialogue among the sales team. Doug was good at picking up on concepts and our lingo and applying them throughout the meeting. Doug was great at keeping the conversation open for all to engage. He did his homework, which was nice.

Data/Technology Provider

Outstanding job today Doug. You could feel the clouds parting! Thanks for making it so relevant.

Major Content Site

As an aspiring seller, I found your story and experience a strong motivator in my transition. You definitely connected with the audience and taught lessons I believe are hard to come by

Digital Fashion Site Rep

Doug – as you can imagine, I’ve sat through quite a few of these sessions over the years. This was as good as it gets. You mentioned last week that your goal was to ‘change a life’. Well, I think you just might have changed a company!

Business-to-Business Aggregator

Today was a night and day difference from other sales trainings we’ve conducted… I saw our most seasoned team members taking notes. The team will be putting this into practice now!

Social Marketing & Media Company

I just wanted to thank you for the very insightful training sessions. It is very rare for us to have real and practical insights and it was helpful for the team to get a bit of a shake-up and a new perspective. Next week we start the process…

Asia Pacific Lead, Major Cross Channel Business Publisher

We really gained a ton of value from the day. Key is for us now to turn this into real follow up and hold people accountable. You shared a lot of magic, and I can sense some more aggressive behaviors coming out of the day.

Mobile Advertising Company

Wanted to send you a note and say thanks. Your presentation was a huge boost for me. Next week, I have more senior management meetings in one week than I have had in years. And I will not be talking click-through rates, but rather speaking with a POV that brings to life the customer’s broken windows.

Digital Business-to-Business Network

I just wanted to thank you for the very insightful training sessions. It is very rare for us to have real and practical insights and it was helpful for the team to get a bit of a shake-up and a new perspective. Next week we start the process…

Asia Pacific Lead, Major Cross Channel Business Publisher

“I’ve been thinking a ton about your training session lately, and how much I thoroughly enjoy everything. I’ve started to incorporate a lot of what you preached into recent presentations, strategies and meetings. Thank you again for an excellent session.

Regional Sports Broadcaster

Thanks again for a great session last Thursday. On my 9 am call with my team this morning, each shared their specific commitments and what accounts will take priority this week. Additionally, they shared which agencies they are targeting to learn more about how they differentiate themselves as a business. Thanks again for helping me grow as a leader in this business.

Video Network

The team was engaged during the day and there has been steady chatter since. I’m excited to use your tools/concepts as part of our working approach as we strengthen our sales and service foundation. It really helps having your expertise from the outside to stimulate our go to market strategy!

CEO, Ad Tech Platform

(Our) Director of Sales Finance went as far as to call the session a game changer to (our) CFO.

Metropolitan Newspaper

I want you to know that everybody thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and took away truly valuable information. The idea of transcending our competition is so smart. I think often we are stagnant in our approach which ultimately leads us nowhere.

Sports Media Company

I just want to reiterate how fantastic yesterday was. It gave me the techniques I’ve been looking for to work with our clients, better words to use in directing the troops, and further resolve on who and what we need on our sales team. Thanks again!

Business-to-Business Event & Media Company

It was great having you with us. Really great! I can see the fruits of your labors already.

National Magazine & Integrated Publisher

Wanted to let you know that our digital training with Doug yesterday was wonderful — he was so great and brought an incredible strategy and new perspective to the table.

Multimedia Women’s Lifestyle Publisher

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn from Doug. It was a great day! I learned A LOT and am now energized to hit the streets (or the mountain) with a new perspective and passion for our work. I’ve already chosen the 10 target accounts for my territory and you can bet they are all getting a ‘Selfless Insight’ today. Thanks for investing in us, your sales team.

Vertical Ad Network Rep