Remote Workshop Testimonials

I wanted to thank you for the very productive training curriculum. I have been in sales coming up on 20 years and while some of the sales strategies were familiar, the timing and way it was presented has been invaluable as I onboard. I have already leveraged your email template and diagnosis for quite a few partners and have found the response rate higher than what I've  experienced with "cold" mailing. You are a true professional and coach and I feel fortunate to work for a company who invests in learning and development.

This was the second time through your course. The first time  REALLY challenged me. It made me think, stretched me, made me sweat. What's astonishing is that a lot of the  elements stuck and it changed my sales approach. This time through was a great refresher to polish some bad habits. A rebalance and a way to continue being effective and I think most importantly go about sales confidently. Thank you for helping build this foundation.

Just wanted to say thank you for hosting your training sessions for our team. I appreciate the humility and personal touch you put into all advised sales approaches and while I always strive to do the same, I learned a lot that I hope to emulate in my own sales strategy. While I hope we’re not selling behind the screen for that much longer, your process certainly helps me feel more empowered – no matter what the meeting type may be!

It was great to engage with other teammates across the country and dive into a new selling style and skill set together! These exercises are keeping us close and moral high!

Great tips for how to convey emotion, empathy and connection while using a screen.

I plan to incorporate immediately into decks that I am working on for screen sharing calls with brands.

Want to sincerely thank you for today's screen-to-screen selling session. In the current environment these (screen-to-screen sales calls) are difficult… it was great to get your perspective.

Thank you! I took copious notes watching how you drew the questions out of the sellers and had them help one another. That experience will be invaluable as we guide them through the process over the coming weeks and months, and help them learn from each other. I am forever grateful for all I've learned from you over the years!

Definitely helped improve my virtual meeting skills - I feel better positioned to set up video meetings with clients/prospects and now know how to prepare for them and make sure everyone benefits from them. I can see myself utilizing video more in the future.

Doug was an amazing instructor and I appreciated his pivot to curriculum during this time. I liked the concise and to the point presentation style which sparks engagement. Fresh look on how to connect and interact with clients and brands.

Thank you so much for the incredible screen-to-screen training session. That was officially our very first external training and you have set the bar high for anything we do in the future. The content was timely, actionable and tremendously helpful.

This was a great training, Doug has some very useful content and it provided some great thinking for how we structure. The interaction with other reps was helpful as it is always good to see how others do things.

I liked the idea of focusing on experience management and structure/ flow when first starting a presentation. I will definitely be utilizing the tips from the presentation such as setting clear expectations for the presentation, be specific with discovery/research, and continue asking a lot of questions.

Loved the tips in cheat sheet for attendees, keeping e-mails down to one mobile screen, phrase cloud, and 5x slide process.