Manager Workshops

Over our 24-year history, we’ve worked intimately and effectively with thousands of digital sales leaders and managers through organizational workshops, public events, 1:1 coaching and structured management workshops. It’s not a stretch to say that no one is closer to the practice of digital sales leadership than Upstream Group. Today we’re proud to offer well-planned, remote support for your sales leadership team.

  • ECOSYSTEM LEADERSHIP: Empowering Your Managers to Optimize Across Departments & Functions
  • ESTABLISHING TEAM IDENTITY THROUGH VALUES: Unit cohesion as a Solid Base for Performance
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Bringing Clarity to the Hard Conversations
  • MANAGING & EMPOWERING IN THE MOMENT: Leading with Questions vs. Dispensing Answers to Foster Accountability & Empowerment
  • EFFECTIVE MEETINGS & CONFERENCES: Making the Most of Your Individual & Collective Team Conversations

We can offer workshops on these individual themes or offer them sequentially over a series of meetings with your management team. Reach out to us directly to discuss the ideal approach for your sales leadership organization.