<h1>We empower sales leaders and their teams with the <span class=clarity, perspective, knowledge and motivation to grow both personally and professionally."/>

We empower sales leaders and their teams with the clarity, perspective, knowledge and motivation to grow both personally and professionally.

We believe that media and technology sales are the economic drivers of the digital innovation we all enjoy. We also know that sales can be a challenging and solitary job. In everything we do, we aim to make every seller who engages with us feel more confident and connected.


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Bring Something.

The five percent we remember from rough times are those who showed up and brought something. They didn’t wait for the struggling party to define the need and ask for help. They were the five percent who said I’m doing this for you and then did it. They anticipated what could be helpful and then acted – not because there would be any payback, but because it was the right thing to do. They could have chosen to be polite: instead, they chose to be useful.

Walking the Floor.

Managers in our industry are obviously challenged in leading and motivating their teams in today’s disrupted, work-from-home, shared-family-space environment. As I coach and counsel them, my advice centers…

How the Light Gets In.

For the next several weeks, I’ll be devoting The Drift to supporting our disrupted community of work-from-home executives. I hope you’ll take the time to comment and share. None of us is alone. When you…

Connecting with one person at a time simultaneously in a room of 65 people isn’t easy. Thank you for bringing individuals’ growth in a group atmosphere to a team that is now even more strongly bonded than ever before.

Fashion & Style Website

Well done today. At dinner everyone was talking about how great today was: relevant and enlightening were the common themes. Appreciate the dedication and focus to make it effective. (Our CEO) was impressed.

Video Technology Enabler

I appreciate the value you deliver always and look forward to continued association with you and your organization for years to come.

Enhanced Digital Solutions Provider

I wanted to let you know that one of our reps secured a $450k, 3-month deal beating out several other sites! It was an exclusive. I had her present the details of the sale at our sales meeting. At the end, she leaned over to me and said the reason she got the sale was because of the Doug Weaver training! She said that the learnings from the training were responsible for her getting in the door and making the sale! That’s some ROI from that training!

Health Content Site

Long overdue thank you fabulous training session. Our visibility and number of meetings with drivers/translators has increased significantly and we’re having much more fun (and generating more revenue opportunity) having more strategic discussions about building value. Thanks again.

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