• We believe that media and technology sales are the economic drivers of digital and marketing innovation.


The work we do tends to focus on “disruption rather than inclusion.” Rather than teach the sellers to simply conform to “the way agencies and clients want to buy,” we focus instead on how to positively disrupt the customer’s thinking, creating urgency and an open space for your value proposition to thrive.


With every workshop we conduct, we blend together elements from three different disciplines: deep digital advertising background (now in our 21th year, we can speak with depth and clarity about the tech, models and patterns of the business); understanding of the “politics of advertising” (agencies, clients, how they profit, why they fail); and finally there is the process and patterns of great sales and persuasion (what most people would most closely associate with the term “sales training.”) It’s the ability to combine all of these elements in just the right measure that help us succeed for clients.


Everything starts with a lot of fact finding and discovery. As soon as you hire us, we will immediately begin setting up phone interviews with a cross-section of your front line sellers, managers and key stakeholders. We’ll also study existing proposals and presentations and debrief on future product direction. All of this will enable us to begin your workshop with a strong point of view on the specific obstacles and situation your team faces.


Our work with your team is meant to drive real results, including:

  • Better organization of the overall sales process and strategy
  • More – and more effective – calls with senior clients
  • Better organization of call structure – less “dumping PowerPoint slides and demos on the client”
  • Increased average deal size
  • Improved renewal rate
  • Shorter sales cycle
  • Better and more accurate forecasting