You Already Know.

It’s been said that learning is finding out what you already know. As someone who’s been in the role of trainer, teacher, coach and mentor over the past 25 years of my career, put me down as a +1 on this idea.

If you’ve been in a workshop with me, or if you’ve brought me in to work with your team, you’ve seen these themes play out. People speak in terms of being reminded of what works and confess I don’t know why I ever stopped doing that! The sense of déjà vu and reconnection with one’s own experience and values is an everyday thing. So what is it that you already know that I’m likely to remind you of?

You already know that less is more and fewer slides leave more room for connection.

You already know that when you start talking about your competitors or comparing your numbers to theirs it always feels shitty and never changes any hearts or minds.

You already know that the come one come all RFP that you just put a huge rush on with your internal teams is not really a fit at all… that you’re operating out of FOMO, and that’s never good.

You already know that when you launch into the about us history of your company -- and its accompanying complex list of capabilities -- that you’re quickly sounding like every other rep and losing your connection with the customer.

You already know that successful sellers are those who motivate and inspire those internal partners they depend on, regardless of org structure, reporting or designated process.

You already know that empathy is like oxygen to the relationships in your ecosystem – both customers and coworkers…that it keeps things healthy and fuels the fire of creativity.

You already know that getting to the point and creating a shared agenda early is a great idea, and that meandering through small talk for the first ten minutes is a really awful experience for everyone.

You already know that to grow the size and sustainability of your business you have to meet and influence people who are new to you…and that there’s a limit to how much your current, comfortable contacts can help you.

You already know that the most senior, influential customers won’t get into the weeds of technical or process detail with you, and that when you go there you are almost always delegated to the people you sound like.

You already know that understanding the customer's business better than any other outsider is the single best insurance you can buy for your own relevance and access.

Yes, you already know all these things. But under the weight of conflicting ideas, internal expectations, habit, insecurity and just plain stubbornness, you bury these truths and act in opposition to them. Rediscovering what you already know creates a moment of enlightenment, a window of opportunity for change. Committing to action and forming habits around what you already know is the recipe for not only a great seller but a fully actualized person.

You already know all of this… but reminding and reconnecting you is an honor and a privilege.