OK, so a Thanksgiving week blog post giving thanks may seem a little predictable. But at a time when so little in our business world is foreseeable, maybe that's a good thing. On with it! As 2010 winds to a close, I'm thankful for...

...the Return of Mary Meeker, who said last week at Web 2.0 that Internet Advertising would likely/probably/certainly/maybe surpass $50 billion! It's not that I'm a fan of her methodology (she's still relying on the affirmative action/time spent = budget percentage model) but it's just so darn good to have her back. Every few years Mary comes out of her den, and if she sees her shadow it means an early Internet spring. Woo-hoo!

....the Insanity of Mark Zuckerberg, who seems to genuinely not give a crap what's written or said about him. From what I can tell, he lives on Scooby snacks and needs only a new pair of Adidas shower shoes every so often to keep going. I love that he keep pushing the limits of what's possible and what we expect. Heck, if he'd cared what we all thought he should do he'd have cashed out for the first billion. Stay weird Mark!

....the Content Comeback, (even though it never really went away). So what if the only people who really thought content didn't matter work within the same seven zip codes in New York and Silicon Valley? Why spoil a good story line? What remains to be seen is what kind of content ends up mattering most: Is it the credible, professional stuff? The consumer-generated/enhanced variety? Or that stuff that the content mills are paying Dobby and the other house elves a buck an article to produce?

....the New Muscular Publisher, who's all the rage now. Call me stubborn, but I've always held a publisher centric view of our business. Sure, I felt a little lonesome for the last 15 years or so while I've watched attention, services and adulation heaped on agencies, marketers and technology companies. But now it seems as if those very same agencies, marketers and technology players are looking to publishers for innovation, scale, creativity and -- ultimately -- for the ability to drive monetization forward. Welcome to the center of the world, fellow pub-o-philes!

....All of You Who Read The Drift, and the comments and posts you send my way. You assure me I'm not crazy: that there are others out there who are equally impatient and ambitious about the future of our industry. (Or, if I am crazy, at least it's nice to have an audience.)

Share what you're thankful for below. Happy Thanksgiving all.