Six Words About Digital Marketing.

In workshops I often challenge digital sellers to distill their ideas, selling points and customer challenges into as few words as possible. In one very trying exercise, the goal is to boil down your sales e-mail to 140 characters. It's amazing how powerful and incisive written words can be when they're carefully rationed.

These exercises inevitably make me think of the "Six Word Stories" website, a concept so clean and simple it needs no explanation. Submissions range from tragic ("Man cries holding his dog's leash") to streetwise ("Tanline on his ring finger? Goodbye!") to whimsical ("Apathetic prophet makes a pathetic profit".)

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Since I normally enjoy a generous word count every week (the average Drift comes in around 500 words), I thought I'd challenge myself to write a series of "Six-Word Business Stories" about familiar themes in our industry. Enjoy, and please share your own in the comments section.

Programmatic Buying: Hysteria about RTB. Now look deeper.

Native Advertising: Fluoride in Digital Water Supply. Drink!

Clickthrough: Freddy Krueger in our accountability nightmare

Mobile: Your mobile strategy? You're asking NOW?

Viewability: Can't ignore what you can't see.

Google: George Orwell spinning in his grave.

The Conference Circuit: 15 minute celebrity, 300 times annually.

Trading Desks: Exhausted Wizard behind curtain. Don't look!

Banner Ads: Distribution system. Just needs some imagination.

Integrated Marketing: It happens. For better, or worse.

Digital Sales: After gold rush.... learning to dig.

Social Media: Human Growth Hormone for Worthy Campaigns.

The Drift: Back to 500 words next week!

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