Selfless Insight.

In a workshop this past week a long-time media seller gave me a gem, which I'm in turn sharing with you. To paraphrase the exchange:

"One of the things that's helped me succeed over the years is that I try to send my customers selfless information just about every week."

Selfless information. How do you improve on that?

I'm going to send my customers information, on regular basis, that will help them run their businesses. There won't be any immediate win for me -- it's not a transparent way to position my own property or credentials -- and I'm not attaching any strings to it. Hence 'selfless.'

I'm a guy who trades in short, powerful ideas that help media sellers elevate what they do. This one certainly qualifies. I'd only modify this concept slightly. In today's world we're all awash in so much information, so much news, so much data. So strive instead to send Selfless Insights. Put a little of yourself into it, say what it means, your own point of view. The effect will build over time, ultimately transforming you and your organization in the eyes of customers.

As I often tell groups: Stop worrying about making the plan and worry instead about making a difference. Because if you make a difference in your customer's business, you'll not only make the plan, you'll be the plan.