Say Thanks.

If you're reading this post you probably have a job that's connected to digital marketing and advertising. And whether your company had a wonderful year or a terrible one, whether you're the right or wrong side of the best new technology, statistically you are very lucky. You're in an industry that's still growing and your skills will be in demand for a long time to come. Relatively speaking, we are all lottery winners.

Thanksgiving week is as good a time as any for a reality take stock of what we have and perhaps to make a deposit in the Karma bank. You don't have to act on what I'm proposing below, but I respectfully ask that you read and carefully consider it.

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Over the past 15 years our country has minted a lot of veterans, and a great many struggle physically, psychologically or both. Thousands more have made the ultimate sacrifice. Connected to almost all of these stories are a families with day-to-day needs...families that fall through the safety net every day.

When the safety net breaks, the TD Foundation helps these families. No bureaucracy, no delay, just help. Fast. Whether it's a car payment or rent situation that now seems hopeless; money to keep a child playing soccer or basketball for another season; funds to acquire a handicap-accessible van; or just about anything else. It's not always dramatic, but it's always crucial. It's life.

So if you feel lucky - as I do - here are three things you can do.

  • If you're in the New York area - or can be - next Thursday night December 1st, buy a ticket for $150 to the annual TD Foundation fundraiser in Manhattan. Besides helping the families of wounded warriors and fallen heroes, you'll spend the evening with scores of great digital industry people.
  • Make a donation - of any size - to the Foundation.
  • Forward this post on to a friend.

I'm grateful to have all of you as readers, customers and friends. You are the blessings I count. And thank you for considering this great cause. Happy Thanksgiving.