The Drift

The Drift

What I Heard in Class.

In a recent post I shared how the arc and substance of our sales training practice had changed in a Covid/Distanced world. We continue to thrive and invent new approaches and generate new connections every week. In today’s post, I’d like to invite you inside one of those Zoom Sales Workshops and let you overhear some of what’s being taken away.

I know now that I’d been wasting the valuable early minutes of my sales calls.

I’d never thought about taking notes right in the chat box on Zoom or how it would make the customer feel really heard and understood.

I learned to stop asking my clients how they feel and instead start asking them what they’ll do.

I’m now going to start writing the subject lines of my prospecting emails after I write the emails… and I’m going to use power words to really convey meaning to the customer.

I’d not considered using a wired headset for my video calls and how much it would improve sound quality and remove background noise.

Reserving the final five minutes of my meetings for a formal, well-planned close is not something I’d every really committed to before now.

I’ve come to understand how much time, credibility and opportunity my quick updates were costing me. Starting with new stuff about us was a bad idea last year and it’s even worse now.

Turns out that clients like to talk about their own concerns first. Who knew?

Bypassing Wi-Fi and running an ethernet cable right from my laptop to the router makes a world of difference in the quality and consistency of my screen-share calls.

I never realized I was getting delegated to the people I sounded like.

I learned to not only do my homework on the customer, but to leverage it for better outreach and to hand it in at the beginning of my meeting.

I know now that prescribing products and services to my client without first doing a checkup or a diagnosis is malpractice.

I’m going to start inviting my customers to 20-minute meetings and I now know how to plan and execute them.

I was never really asking direct closing questions before. Now I get it.

I learned to start leading with what I solve instead of what I sell.

I’ve realized that the hardest and most important work I can do is to get out of my own head and my own agenda and ask what my customer really needs and why she needs it. Without that journey, nothing very good is ever going to happen.

If you want to talk about how you'd like to improve the lives of  your team, just reach out.  We're here.

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