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If you’ve been a participant in one of Doug Weaver’s workshops, either recently or  earlier in your career, we invite you to share thoughts, questions and insights below. What did you take away that’s served you well? Has your approach to sales changed at all? And what questions remain?

Submit your comments and we’ll share them on this page (after editing for length and making sure we have no trolls). Include your name, but let us know whether you’d like us to include it or to keep your post anonymous.


“Sharing big thanks for lending your expertise and challenging our team to look at our business with a fresh perspective.  On behalf of my team, we felt humbled and inspired throughout the entire session today.”
Fashion Director, Major Women’s Publisher
“The team was engaged during the day and there has been steady chatter since. I’m excited to use your tools/concepts as part of our working approach as we strengthen our sales and service foundation. It really helps having your expertise from the outside to stimulate our go to market strategy!”
CEO, Ad Tech Platform
“What can I say?  I’m overwhelmed by our day together.  The team is full of positive energy — they are refreshed and revitalized.  You treated the work in such a way that the importance of it was really felt …it just made everything feel solid.”
Senior VP, Major Entertainment Media Company
"I just wanted to thank you for the very insightful training sessions — it is very rare for us to have real and practical insights and it was really helpful for the team to get a bit of a shake-up and a new perspective. Next week we start the process..."
Asia Pacific Lead, Major Cross Channel Business Publisher
“You did an excellent job of distilling the most critical points into easily understood and actionable takeaways, and all in a single day. I could see from the engagement and from conversations afterwards, that it was well received.”
VP National Sales, Ad Tech Provider
"Connecting with one person at a time simultaneously in a room of 65 people isn't easy. Thank you for bringing individuals' growth in a group atmosphere to a team that is now even more strongly bonded than ever before."
Fashion and Style Website
"Your workshop was incredibly inspiring and the entire room was captivated with new learnings and approach to ignite our conversations with brand partners."
Fashion and Style Website
“Your presentation was a huge boost for me.  Next week … I will not be talking click-through rates,  but rather speaking with a POV that brings to life the customer’s “broken windows.”
Digital B2B Network Seller
“As an aspiring seller, I found your story and experience a strong motivator in my transition.  You definitely connected with the audience and taught lessons I believe are hard to come by.”
Digital Fashion Site Rep
“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn from Doug. It was a great day! I learned A LOT and am now energized to hit the streets (or the mountain) with a new perspective and passion for our work. Thanks for investing in us, your sales team.”
Vertical Ad Network Rep
“I have been in many training days over my career, but yours was the first that combined an excellent foundation of new information with actionable sales training - thank you!”
Cross Channel Media Seller
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