Why and How

Why We Exist

We believe that media and technology sales are the economic drivers of the digital innovation we all enjoy. We also know that sales can be a challenging and solitary job.

We empower sales leaders and their teams with the clarity, perspective, knowledge and motivation to grow both personally and professionally. In everything we do, we aim to make every seller who engages with us feel more confident and connected.

How We Do Things

There’s no magic, just empathy and hard work. Whether you’re hiring us for a team workshop, a guest at one of our events or a casual reader of our blog, The Drift, we understand a lot about your world.

We begin and end with intimate, honest conversations about what’s happening in the field. In preparing for the dozens of private workshops he conducts each year, our Founder & CEO Doug Weaver conducts close to 300 individual interviews with front line sellers like yours. And at Seller Forum, our peer-to-peer conference for CROs, we’re continually curating and building on discussions that we’ve hosted for the past 12 years.

We were there at the birth of web advertising in 1994, and have been serving Upstream Group customers for the past 17 years. But we don’t rest on those accomplishments or relationships for even a second. We remain as curious and driven today as we were in 1998. How can anyone do less and stay relevant?

And every encounter with our customers, guests and readers has to be great.
Every single one.