Team Workshops

After more than two decades of leading the industry’s most thoughtful, provocative, in-person workshops, Upstream Group has now reinvented the form. We’ve committed our business 100% to crafting thoughtful, well-prepared, interactive workshops via screen-share/video-conference platforms. All programs are developed, customized and shared with your team by Upstream Founder and CEO, Doug Weaver.

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LEADING WITH NEEDS: Strategic Selling That’s Even More Crucial Now
It’s more critical than ever to think, plan, speak and act intentionally with our customers. For more than a dozen years we’ve taught digital sellers go beyond transaction and RFPs and translate the value of their offerings to clients and agency leaders. From discovery to closing, we teach a specific structure that helps sellers prepare and execute thoughtful, collaborative, intimate meetings with the people who can really impact decisions. Available as a 90-minute introductory program or 3-hour half-day course.

SCREEN-TO-SCREEN SELLING: Remote Learning about Remote Sales
The world has gotten a crash-course in screen-based meetings, but they’ll still be the new normal long after travel and meeting restrictions have eased. Adapting to these new channels means acknowledging their limitations (slide counts and physical presence) and optimizing their strengths (a new level of intimacy and connection and new tools within the platforms). We’ve developed Screen-to-Screen Selling to help reps excel at both managing the screen experience -- technically and strategically -- and running the flow and interaction of both group and individual video-conference meetings.

SKILL WORKSHOPS: Addressing Tactical Sales Behaviors & Patterns
Sometimes your team needs very specific support around a given sales function. While they are addressed as part of our core Leading With Needs program, we also offer remote, stand-alone workshops on Storytelling, Qualification and Negotiation, and Effective Closing Skills.