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Part Three: A New Gear

“ON THE ROAD: Marketing Navigation in a World of Perpetual Change.”


Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Reuters Building, 3 Times Square, New York, NY

As digital advertising prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary, what better time to say goodbye to the past and hello to a new generation of leaders and ideas? In our final Seller Forum of 2019, we serve up “A New Gear,” a fresh look at the ongoing reimagination and reinvention of the industry. We’ll see the practical implications of those changes on the business we are doing today – in compensation models, cultural constructs, hiring practices and more.

In our unique, peer-to-peer environment, you’ll hear compelling speakers and interviews; take part in meaningful small group discussions; get a first-hand look at the data and business practices that matter most; and enjoy a day of fundamental reframing and reinvention that’s been created just for you.

As always at Seller Forum, seating is limited and only for qualified digital media sales leaders. We hope you’ll be there. An entirely new gear awaits you.

Speaker Sarah


SVP, Head of Innovation

Carat USA
Speaker Sara



Speaker Deirdre


Chief Revenue Officer

Barstool Sports
Speaker Erika


Chief Executive Officer

Barstool Sports
Speaker Vinny


Head of Addressable Media
The Hershey Company
Speaker Sam


Executive Director of Corporate Marketing


Working Agenda

News and business media coverage of our landscape can often feel a little thin and obvious. Enter Sara Fischer who covers the media beat for Axios. In this provocative market overview, she goes beyond what’s happening and who’s winning to explore how fast change will be upon us (spoiler alert: it’s here!) to help sales leaders make timely decisions. Insight is the fuel for strategy, and this insightful opening session will be pure premium.

When it comes to creating value for marketers, publishers have begun to offer a large and varied array of services. But has our approach to pricing and compensation models kept pace with the diversification we’ve seen in products and services? Have the bright lines between CPM and performance pricing started to dissolve? In this high-energy discussion segment, sales leadership peers will choose from a number of provocative questions to better understand shifting models and practices.

An edgy voice in a “brand safe” world… profitably selling sponsorship and content in a programmatic age… Barstool Sports continues to push boundaries and challenge norms… and win! In this candid, interactive session, CEO Erika Nardini and CRO Deirdre Lester share their journey of diversification and monetization. If you want to know how a challenger media property can thrive in 2019, you won’t want to miss this provocative discussion.

The columns on today’s org-chart could easily have been lifted from the 1980s: sales, marketing, account management, research, and so on. As we shift from answering RFPs and pitching packages to creating new value for marketers, do the standard roles still stand up? Or are we continuing to iterate our orgs and hire people into roles and models that no longer matter? This provocative, hands on discussion will help you start with a truly clean slate on your org, how it works and who you’ll hire.

Imagine there’s no ad budget. It’s easy if you try. Procurement, shrinking margins, brand-agency friction all tell an unmistakable story. Marketers and the brands they serve are demanding deeper and more profound levels of business integration and the advertising-business-as-usual will never again be what it once was. In this highly provocative closing town hall discussion, sales and agency thought leaders debate the existential questions: Where do we go from here? What new business will we now invent for ourselves?

Want to know how much others are paying a seasoned rep at goal? How about performance vs. goal for last quarter and confidence in next? We’ve been anonymously collecting this data and more for well over a decade, and as a Seller Forum attendee you’ll be among the first to see the latest numbers. You won’t want to meet with your CEO without having this data at your fingertips.

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