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Part Two: Acceleration

"ON THE ROAD: Marketing Navigation in a World of Perpetual Change."


Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at the Reuters Building, 3 Times Square, New York, NY

We believe that success in our business is not a destination. It’s an endless journey, a perpetual road trip. Stop building your dream home and start thinking about what you’ll have room for in your car. Those who keep moving, changing and experiencing will define success. And we believe that any good road trip depends on knowing the terrain, packing the right cargo, keeping the right fuel in the tank and choosing your passengers well.

At the June 2019 Seller Forum, we focus on Acceleration. Yes, the trends, issues, changes and crises we deal with as managers are actually coming at us faster every year. And critically, so must our own process and strategies speed up. In this hands-on, peer-to-peer gathering, we’ll learn how to accelerate talent acquisition and hiring; to accelerate the sales cycle; to move beyond the cumbersome, anachronistic world of campaigns and RFPs and into a world of always-on opportunity and service.


Jeffrey Cole

Director of the Center for the Digital Future USC Annenberg School for Communication

Speaker Bio
Jeffrey Cole has been at the forefront of international media and communication technology issues the past three decades. An expert in the field of technology and emerging media, Cole serves as an adviser to governments and leading companies around the world as they craft digital strategies. Cole founded and directs the World Internet Project, studying long-term effects of computer and Internet technology, in over 35 countries. Regularly presenting trends and insights, Cole acts as a corporate advisor on traditional and digital media strategies on media and telecommunications issues.

Laura Correnti

Giant Spoon

Speaker Bio
 Laura Correnti is Partner at Giant Spoon, a full-service advertising agency that focuses on the intersection of creative and media through the lens of culture. In 2018, Laura was named to the AAF’s Advertising Hall of Achievement, along with helping Giant Spoon win the honor of Adweek’s Breakthrough Agency of the Year.

Laura built and oversees the agency’s media practice, designed to have expertise in content-driven partnerships. A firm believer in abandoning the RFP process of media planning, Laura focuses on integrating strategy and communications planning back into media. Under her tenure, Giant Spoon’s media clients include GE, MassMutual, Synchrony, Cole Haan, Stitch Fix, and more. Her track record of disrupting legacy models and creating market firsts has developed into work that includes two Top 10 branded podcasts on the Apple charts, the first live TV ad on CNN, an Audiozine with the NYT, and brokering an exclusive direct-to-consumer brand partnership with NBCU. Her creative media approach has reeled in Cannes Lions, Adweek Media Plan of the Year, Clios Awards, and Webby honors.

Laura’s media know-how culminates on her industry podcast ADLANDIA, a biweekly listen that challenges age-old industry thinking and pushes for creativity, diversity, and new ideas in advertising and marketing.

Shenan Reed

President & Chief Client Officer, platformGSK
Publicis Groupe

Speaker Bio
As President and Chief Client Officer of platformGSK, Shenan is helping to standing up this brand new Power of One solution. She is responsible for building a dynamic team that delivers connected experts from across the Publicis portfolio, working in centralized data and global technology. An entrepreneurial business leader with over 20 years of experience, Shenan was previously President & Global Client Lead of the Verizon business at Publicis where she oversaw a suite of Publicis agencies that service all facets of the Verizon business. Prior to her tenure at Publicis, Reed was and the President of the US L’Oréal business at Wavemaker (formerly MEC), where she oversaw the strategic direction of the agency’s partnership with the beauty brand and President of Digital for MEC.  In 2001 Reed founded and ran the digital marketing agency Morpheus Media, which became renowned for its work with premier luxury, fashion and retail clients. Over the course of her career, she has worked with an impressive roster of blue-chip brands across various categories including The New York Times, Neiman Marcus, LVMH, Net-A-Porter, Lord & Taylor, Tiffany & Co., Chanel, A&E Networks, Vimeo, IFC, Sundance and The Economist.

Working Agenda

The Long & Winding Road: Shortening the Sales Cycle
Unqualified prospects, unprepared first meetings, slow response times, bureaucratic glitches in fielding proposals; these are just some of the reasons why the digital sales cycle is out of control. In this focused, highly-interactive working session, we’ll address the issues and build real action plans for a tighter, more intentional sales cycle. Because getting out of our own way is often the most important first step.

The Long View of Disruption: Jeffrey Cole on Consolidation, Expansion & the Road Ahead
Through his work at the Annenberg School and the USC Internet Project, Jeff Cole has been watching the digital disruption of media, marketing, entertainment and consumer behavior closer and longer than anyone. If you’ve seen him speak, it’s likely been from the darkened audience at a major conference. In this intimate, close up presentation, you’ll hear from — and interact with — a legendary analyst and strategic thinker and learn to spot the winners, losers and new ideas of the next cycle.

The Road Now Taken: Life After Automation, Diversification & Recombination
Now that automation and platform consolidation have fully arrived, both publishers and agencies are redefining range of services and reestablishing core value to both consumer and marketer. We close our day at Seller Forum by assembling leading voices from both worlds to discuss the shared journey of reinvention in a combined cocktail hour, all-star panel discussion and town hall. If you miss the wide-open, unscripted, actionable conversations that used to happen a lot in our business, you won’t want to miss this one.

Potholes: 9 Practices, Policies & Customs that Sink Sales Teams & Frustrate Managers
In his work with over a hundred digital sales organizations in five years, Upstream Group CEO and Seller Forum Host Doug Weaver has seen the behavior patterns and assumptions that sabotage sales teams as they try to keep pace with a fast-changing market. In this provocative overview, he identifies and offers fixes for many of the moments that change deals, companies and careers.

Highway to Hello: Talent Sourcing, Interviewing & Hiring at the Speed of Digital
The most vital resource and biggest open business issue in our industry is always talent. Companies don’t stop growing, good people will change companies, and we need proactive strategies and practices to keep the talent pipeline moving. So why can’t we get this right? In this hands-on working discussion, we’ll go inside the process and examine the steps, questions, players and patterns that make for a great process. Participants will come away with a blueprint for reinventing their own hiring approach and that of their companies.

Fast and Furious: Our Seller Forum Sales Leadership Poll Results.
Want to know how much others are paying a seasoned rep at goal? How about performance vs. goal for last quarter and confidence in next? We’ve been anonymously collecting this data and more for well over a decade, and as a Seller Forum attendee you’ll be among the first to see the latest numbers. You won’t want to meet with your CEO without having this data at your fingertips.

Companies Registered to Attend

Digital marketing and advertising success is an endless journey, a perpetual road trip.

It’s with this in mind that we are devoting our entire 2019 Seller Forum series to one single theme: “On the Road: Marketing Navigation in a World of Perpetual Change.” Though we’ll work to deliver a great standalone experience at each Forum, we’re thinking in terms of stages in the same uninterrupted journey.

Season passes are now available and we encourage you to be sure your team is represented across the entire series.