Tamara Clarke

Tamara assists in the sales coordination, planning, and sponsorship of Seller Forum, Upstream’s tri-yearly event in New York City, tailored for digital sales leaders and named one of the industry’s top ten conferences for digital marketing professionals. With a solid foundation in customer service, Tamara manages new and existing opportunities and relationships of clients with sales training and consulting needs. In addition to Seller Forum, Tamara handles all underwriting opportunities for Upstream’s provocative weekly opinion blog, The Drift. Tamara has headed up our various marketing efforts to foster our existing and ever-growing seller community, providing them with clarity, perspective and knowledge through daily twitter feeds and across various social media platforms. Prior to joining Upstream in January of 2008, she held key roles in administrative and inside sales support functions, as well as production engineering, human resources, and finance at global injection molding and antimicrobial technology companies. Tamara has an associate's degree in Criminal Justice and lives in Shelburne, VT. She is an animal lover who enjoys travel, animal rescue, snowboarding and bluegrass music.